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contest await the arrival of the surfers and the waves. >> the energy in the swell is going to be ferocious and we are going to see these guys put to the test. >> reporter: because a monster wave injured spectators and took down contest tents in 2010, law enforcement changed the rules. no speculators are allowed to the beachfront. they must watch on big screens set up at the main viewing area at the oceana holt or online. >> you don't even vert -- hotel or online. >> you don't even have to leave to watch it. >> they're surfing jaws today on maui the same swell that's coming here. >> we're preparing for the big crowds, but you never know. >> reporter: the sheriff's sergeant said all hands will be on deck this weekend. an estimated 30,000 people could be in town to watch the maverick surf contest, but the 49ers game makes the size of sunday's crowd hard to predict. >> it is that unknown factor. they could be at a 49er party or they could be here. >> reporter: because of the new rules spectators may want to plan ahead. parking this year will be restricted and tickets will b
in the reelection campaign so it was a welcome surprise. >> reporter: he notes climate and energy reform failed three years ago when democrats controlled congress. >> it is hard to imagine this congress really approving aggressive legislation on the climate issue. >> people notice global changes and controlling carbon emissions are so important citizens should speak up. >> voice opinion so our congressmen will push for it. >> if everybody does a little bit it could be done. i am not sure you could do much in four years. >> with the civil rights movement it took generations. >> reporter: with eyes on the prize he says america should focus on innovation. the bay area could lead the world. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. >>> hundreds of people road the bay area freedom train on its journey from san jose to san francisco. >> 15-mile long trip commemorates the march led by martin luther king, jr. in 1965. >> really important for kids to know how far we have come. i decided to bring my daughters to see the memorial. >> freedom. just trying to be hopeful for
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2